brokecouture (brokecouture) wrote,

hey please add me i used to be cleanteelover. This is my new account and will be running soon! thanks.
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heyy girl add me?
ps what is the font used on your header!?
kay i added you,
&& haha i have to check cause i made it on a diff computure
thanks babess
add me?
we have a lot of the same interests.
Hey there! I saw this awesome icon that you apparently made. any idea where the ed might be? thanks so much! here's the icon:

love, brit.

(added you, by the way!)
actually thats the only picture...its from a gallery on deviant art
ok cool. would u add me? I'd love to see all ur icons!
added doll
yea,,I'm the "original doll". haha
Britney's album..
I just added you!